Heart Centered Leadership!

Unbridled Potential

Heart Centered Leadership

Programs for Horses and Their People

Do you feel fear or frustration interacting with your horse?
Do you have difficulty communicating with your horse?

See yourself through your horses eyes.
Learn how will, ego, emotion and intention affects your relationship.
Acquire practical skills to improve your connection and communication.
See your horse blossom and learn with more fluidity as your awareness changes.

Programs For Women

Are you often stressed out and overwhelmed?
Do you “do” too much and take little time for yourself?

Find your passion and creativity
Move past fear and navigate roadblocks
Learn to set and maintain healthy boundaries.
Make time for yourself and awaken to your true life purpose
Create your map, plan your course and take action!

Programs For Girls


 Carla Genevieve Webb interviewed on the Fanny Kiefer Show 2010