The Four Leggeds

Introducing the amazing gathering of  friends/co-facilitators that we share our space, our love and our lives with.  Each one having a unique personality, story and gift to share with our clients and friends.

Shady and I met in September 2001.  Two months before, I had left a long term relationship and was looking to reacquaint myself with horses.  I fell in love with Shady and over the following few years, we traveled BC and Alberta competing successfully in reining and freestyle reining.  He has been a great teacher and mentor to me and many of our clients.  He often spends time by himself but is very aware of everything that is happening on the farm.  He loves working with young people.  His gift is “love your alone time.”

May first appeared to me in a photograph I had received from a PMU farm in Alberta. I knew at that point that she would join our herd.  When we brought her home she had just been weaned from her mom days before and was adjusting to her more independent life with courage.  I used what new training methods I had learned to start working with her and helping her to discover her abilities as a reining horse.  Although she was a willing partner she made it clear that she didn’t enjoy the high demands of a reining career.  As I have shifted my own life path, it has become very clear that May’s purpose is to work with women and teen girls in the area of equine guided development.  She finds this work very rewarding and is often first in making her enthusiasm known.  Her gift is “unconditional love.”

Babs is a beautiful palomino that joined us nearly 3 years ago as a reining prospect.  She enjoys spending time with the herd grazing in the field or basking in the sun.  Babs is very expressive and sensitive by nature and absolutely loves being around people.  She has worked with women and girls in providing many insights and teachings.  Her gift “ask for what you want.”

Selena is our youngest and shows great promise in working with adults and youth.  After having a rough start, she is certainly not the girl we first brought home.  She wasn’t very trusting of humans and often became very aggressive in her approach.  She is a totally different girl today after some healing and great lessons in respect and boundaries learned from the rest of the herd.  She has lots of energy and now that she views humans as pretty cool to be around, she loves attention and hanging out.


Will – Meg – Zorra

Will, Meg and Zorra add so much to the farm in so many ways.  Meg, the eldest, puts on many miles in a day.  She loves to play catch and roll around in the arena.  On a hot day, Meg will often be found standing in the nearest water bucket.  Zorra, the merle, asks for attention at every opportunity and loves learning new tricks (and bragging about how well she knows it).  Will is a little shy with the other animals but adores women.  If he could have things his way all the time he would be visiting people providing love to all.  The gang has had some sheep herding lessons but at this point, the sheep rule.

Tilly and Bo

Tilly and Bo moved to our farm one month after we arrived.  Although Steve and I are first time farmers, it seemed that the farm was not a true farm until it had sheep.  Tilly is the boss and can be heard bahhing with full force anytime during the day.  Bo, a true gentleman, is soft spoken and is quite satisfied in letting Tilly take the lead and make decisions.  The two have appeared in this youtube video “Tilly in the Bucket”


Tootie (RIP) May 2011 and Jasmine are sisters who have adapted well to the farm life.  Tootie was deeply loved and is missed very much.   Jasmine prefers to spend time indoors and is getting used to her new friend Batman.

Chelsea and her mom, Firefly

Firefly grew up on our property before we arrived.  She had a few litters of kittens during her time as official barn cat (now spayed).  Firefly, affectionately known as “mom” has grown to enjoy human company very much.  She escorts me to the barn at every feeding to watch everything is done properly.  Her daughter Chelsea (who was one of five kittens born just 4 days before we moved in) has a huge presence on the farm.  She is fearless and confident with a dynamic character.


Batman was found by our neighbour on a Saturday evening in July 2012.  He had staggered out of the bushes appearing emaciated at the tender age of about 6 weeks.  Our neighbour brought this little kitten to us to see if we could help.  His eyes and nose were severely infected, he was dehydrated and infested with worms and ear mites.  Not knowing if he would make it through the night, we kept him warm and offered him some food.  An early appointment at the vet the following day saved him.  He was cleaned up and given medication but not leaving before the staff affectionately named him Batman.  We fell in love with him and thus his home is now with us.  He often lets us know how he appreciates his new home.